Thinking back

13 – I like men. That much is obvious. I’m a normal heterosexual then. Good.

14 – Kissing is gross, the first time. Then I learn to like it and I never seem to get enough. You don’t really seem to like it as much, you say I have issues because my parents never took good care of me and you are right. I do have issues and maybe that’s why I like kisses so much. A normal reaction, a normal person. Continue reading « Thinking back »

Such a beautiful laugh

Fandom: Prison Break

Character: Alexander Mahone

Author Notes:

Written the day that would have been my daughter’s birthday.
This is for her and this is for all of us who would have been but never were parents, for those who had to make the hardest choice of all. I remember and I live on.

Work posted on Archive of Our Own (AO3), as a Prison Break fanfic.
I’ve been trying for some time now to write some nice stuff about Alexander Mahone (it seems I’m the only one around AO3 to find William Fichtner attractive damn hot !?) and as my daughter’s « unaniversary » loomed, I thought more and more about what Alex felt like until I came up with this.
I don’t see the point of writing fanfic if it’s not as in character as possible (just create your own character if you are going to depict Alex as an astronaut !) so I’m just hoping that after some time grieving he’ll be in the mood for kinkier stuff 😀
Not holding my breath though…

Enjoy and please comment !


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Kitsch mais oh so good

Et une soirée de fous rires à trouver les vidéos les plus atroces sur YT. Avec Gotainer cependant, on touche au sublime.

Au passage, je suis toujours traumatisée d’avoir vu le héro de mon adolescence, Michael Knight (et K2000) dans ce que j’ai d’abord cru être une parodie avant de m’effondrer atterrée quand j’ai compris que non, en chanteur, il se prend totalement au sérieux. La fin d’un mythe…

Pour Marie et Kitsune 😉

Dance of life

This is the sound of my dear smartheart ♥

And that means meaningful conversations on how to deal with sorrow and how to love oneself. It’s sharing the lighthearted joy of dances even when we are hundreds of klicks apart. It’s also the music of a deep voice whispering foreign nonsense of which somehow the meaning is conveyed clearly, by some kind of telepathic magic…

Dancing evil away

The music is a mere rhythm now, players having given up one after the other from exhaustion. I feel my concentration fail, my muscles tremble. Our survival is at stake, as it is now each and every time. It should have been overwhelming but it doesn’t impress me anymore. The Shadow comes, threatening, unspeakable and unknown horrors hidden in its depths and the Dance makes it disappear like a bad dream in the morning light. Entering the Shadow produces strange effects. Disappearances, madness, deformities, death for the lucky ones. Each time it comes it is denser, wider and stays longer. By chance it only appears here, in the temple and at night. No one remembers a time it didn’t and it feels as though it’s  always been with us. The Shadow, and the Dance that banishes it. Continue reading « Dancing evil away »