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It was midnight when they finally felt safe that everyone had tucked in for the night. Michael and Lincoln had been lent rooms in the same hallway as Snart and Rory, down by the workshop bay. Snart stepped out of his and shut the door. Across the hallway, Michael was doing the same. They looked […]


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Snart was pure eye candy, Mick had always acknowledged, if only ever to himself. But this, this was another level of beauty altogether. He was hypnotized by the guy’s tattoo, his fingers itching to trace the lacery maze of lines, burned to touch the delicate skin. Dammit! Even the all-knowing half-smile was identical to that […]

Our eternal souls

Title: Our eternal souls Fandom: Sleepy Hollow Prompts: Generosity, Ring, Witness Challenge: 231 (amnesty) Characters: Original characters symbolized by { and } Length: 299 Author’s notes: Vying for the Complexity Theorist Badge… This is actually based on a bit of research I made about Ichabod in the Bible and the Visions of Amram discovered in […]

Overcoming qualms

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Challenge: Truth or dare Fandoms: Prison Break / Legends of Tomorrow Crossover Characters: Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, minor appearance of others from LoT. Content notes: a little bit of fluff and a whole lot of smut, M/M, incest?, some bondage, D/s play, corporeal punishment, pain, orgasm denial, oral sex, anal sex, […]


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Content notes: Explicit content, angst, fluff, M/M Fandom: Torchwood Relationship: mostly Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness Author notes: If you never watched Torchwood, please beware that this work will spoil all the mystery. I designed this as Ianto’s diary. Most entries will be about what can be seen in the original TV show (the first season) but […]

Such a beautiful laugh

Fandom: Prison Break Character: Alexander Mahone Author Notes: Written the day that would have been my daughter’s birthday. This is for her and this is for all of us who would have been but never were parents, for those who had to make the hardest choice of all. I remember and I live on. Work […]

Menu acidulé

En ce long weekend de fête, j’avais des invités et peu de temps pour cuisiner. Si je voulais être à la hauteur de ma réputation de cuisinière, il fallait donc des saveurs inédites et un temps de préparation record. Je n’ai sans doute pas atteint le niveau du Guiness mais enfin le cahier des charges […]