Une belle journée pour mourir

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– Bonjour Madame. La formule de politesse me serre la gorge. La journée s’annonce tendue. – C’est elle qui a fait tous les gnons dans la carrosserie. Madame sait pas conduire. La remarque sexiste creuse un sillon acide sur ma peau, s’insinue dans mes tripes, me dévaste le ventre. Je veux m’enfuir en courant, retrouver […]

Ces messieurs s’en vont

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En sortant de la petite boutique où je venais d’acheter le précieux bout de tissu, j’étais nerveux. Je cherchais l’étonnement des passants, les yeux perplexes qui dévisagent. Le dégoût peut-être, l’agressivité. Il y avait du monde sur les trottoirs parisiens en cette chaude journée de juillet mais ma présence n’attirait pas les regards, je n’étais […]


Challenge: fan_flashworks challenge #233 prompt(s) « Wave » Fandom: The Flash (TV) Characters and relationships: Flashwave, Coldflashwave, Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart, Caitlin Snow Content warnings: M/M, mild smut, voyeurism Summary: Heatwave and the Flash disappear at the same time a strange heat storm hits Central City. Captain Cold asks Star Lab to help finding his partner. […]

A piece of apple

Fandom: None (original work) Prompt and challenges: fan_flashworks challenge #232 prompt(s) « On top » Characters and relationships: OCs. Narrator is a young soldier defending his city. Length: 500ish (words) Content notes: Beware, this takes place during a siege. Expect some violence and death. May contain traces of apple. Author notes: Inspired by my hometown (La […]


Fandom: Sleepy Hollow Prompt and challenges: fan_flashworks challenge #232 prompt(s) « On top » Characters and relationships: Ichabod Crane, Abigail Mills Length: 860ish (words) Content notes: May contain traces of nuts and fluff. Summary: Ichabod would do anything to help Abby heal, especially if it involves a healthy dose of TLC.   Read the original […]


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Rory slammed the door shut. Snart didn’t wait another second to throw himself at him. He got instantly caught in a vicious lock and thrown unceremoniously onto the bed. His clothes were swiftly pushed out of the way and the rope that bit his wrists again was tied to the bedpost. Seconds later, his ankles […]


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Michael sat heavily down near his brother. Lincoln put down his food and watched him, concerned he may have done something irreparable. Michael looked dazed, like he was trying to process too many information, going into overdrive. “Michael? Talk to me…”

Link and Mick

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The next morning, Rory found Lincoln already fussing in the kitchen. Link didn’t bother greeting him and asked him straight away how the damn he could get the damn machine to give him his damn coffee. Gideon’s voice answered mildly. “You could just ask.” Mick noticed a dent near the synthesizer outlet that wasn’t there […]