Such a beautiful laugh

Fandom: Prison Break

Character: Alexander Mahone

Author Notes:

Written the day that would have been my daughter’s birthday.
This is for her and this is for all of us who would have been but never were parents, for those who had to make the hardest choice of all. I remember and I live on.

Work posted on Archive of Our Own (AO3), as a Prison Break fanfic.
I’ve been trying for some time now to write some nice stuff about Alexander Mahone (it seems I’m the only one around AO3 to find William Fichtner attractive damn hot !?) and as my daughter’s « unaniversary » loomed, I thought more and more about what Alex felt like until I came up with this.
I don’t see the point of writing fanfic if it’s not as in character as possible (just create your own character if you are going to depict Alex as an astronaut !) so I’m just hoping that after some time grieving he’ll be in the mood for kinkier stuff 😀
Not holding my breath though…

Enjoy and please comment !


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