I am many

I am many.

A child running, a wolf hopping, a maze. I am she-who-hops-after-the-sparkles-in-glee. I am the young warrior, at the top of his strength. The son of Meduselde and the daughter of Light, I am stark, waiting for winter, beloving the fall. I am living on margins, uncertain on sharp edges.

Don’t ask me who I am because I am many.

A child craving, a wolf hunting, a maze spinning. I am curling in a corner, licking my wounds in loneliness. I am laughing with my friends near a warm fire. I am calling out for answers. I am the lady-who-asks-a- very-many-questions : one elephant child. I am the cat that walks by himself, I am one of the pack. I breathe I hop I am. I’m lonely and my pack is gone. I am the child craving for attention, I am the lover safe in your arms. I am the hunter thirsty for blood. I am learned, I am wild. I am the ice and fire and the ocean wide. I am the monk embracing the whole in one mind. I am focused, I am wide :

I am spreading like…