Link and Mick

The next morning, Rory found Lincoln already fussing in the kitchen. Link didn’t bother greeting him and asked him straight away how the damn he could get the damn machine to give him his damn coffee.

Gideon’s voice answered mildly. “You could just ask.”

Mick noticed a dent near the synthesizer outlet that wasn’t there the day before but didn’t comment. He’d made a few dents himself, much to Rip Hunter’s dismay. He got his own coffee and sat across the table from Lincoln. They ate in silence a long while. Link was the first to ask.

“So, did it work?”

“Like charm. You?”

“Same. Did he realize? Michael didn’t.”

“I don’t think so.”

Silence came and stayed.

“Was it good?”

A broad smile answered the question and they gave each other the high five across the table.

Snart and Michael stepped into the room a few minutes later looking even more smug than usual. They were greeted with a falsely innocent question.

“So, did you two sleep well?”

“Night was short.” answered Michael curtly.

“Yeah, go figure… So Link, give me my heat gun back now will you?”

“Sure, here you go.”

Link sent the gun gliding across the breakfast table towards his alter ego.

“Told you they’d be fooled.”

“Yeah, kind of vexing though. You’d think they could tell us apart.”

“Maybe they didn’t really want to?”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

Mick and Link kept gulping huge chunks of donuts, seemingly oblivious to the effect their words were having on Snart and Michael, who were staring incredulously at them.

“You didn’t…”

“How did you…”

They were stuttering. Mick turned to watch his partner, a small smile barely stretching his lips.

“C’mon Pretty, I ain’t stupid. I can pull one over you from time to time.”

Snart was ogling him heatedly.

“You. Me. Bedroom. Now.”

He grabbed Mick’s collar and pulled him towards the sleeping quarters.

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