Snart had been sure he wanted this right up until he closed the door to Lincoln’s bedroom behind him. The man that looked so much like his partner that he wasn’t sure he could tell them apart looked up and nodded as if he expected him. Which he just might.


“You were waiting for me.”

“Wasn’t sure you’d show.”

Snart nodded. He knew Link wasn’t stupid, just as Mick wasn’t, that he just wasn’t as sharp as he was. He didn’t mistake his silence for dumbness although his decisions were sometimes… misguided.

“What do you want Snart?”

“I think you know.”

“Oh I do. But I want to hear you say it.”

Had it been Mick asking, he wasn’t sure he would have dared the truth, but he felt safe in the knowledge that this wasn’t his partner. Couldn’t help but being flippant though.

“I want Mick. Since I can’t have him, I want you instead. And by want I mean mind blowing sex.”

“I see.”

It was unnerving the way he opened his eyes wide as he said that, just like Mick would have.

“Is that a problem?”

“No. But if we do it then we do it my way. You obey me, do everything I say, when I say. You do, you get rewarded. You don’t, you get punished. Simple. Out there you take the smart decisions. In here I want your total, unconditional and absolute obeisance. Choose. You can leave now or be mine.”

Snart stared at him, fascinated. Wondering if Mick would have asked the same of him, if he’d dared… And knowing that if he did, he would have laughed at him. But if this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, he was game for anything. He hesitated just a bit as Lincoln wouldn’t know him as well as Mick. It could make this particular request turn the night into a complete disaster.

“No need to over-think it. Either you want this and you’ll do as you’re told, or you don’t. Now choose!”

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Good. Now, get naked.”

His voice had dropped to a husky growl that turned Snart on instantly. He took off his clothes hastily and discarded them on the floor.

“Hmm, eager to please are you Snart? I like it…”

The other man picked up his scarf and blindfolded him with it. Snart had a shiver of anticipation and could already feel his blood flowing southward, draining all heat with it, leaving his pale skin chilly and shivery. Hot fingers lighted tiny fires of desire along their path, tracing the planes and curves of his lean body.

“Would you rather there was a tattoo here?”

“Shut up. You’ll speak when spoken to. Understood?”


Soon enough, all questions about whether the other man would rather have Michael here instead of him melted away under the incendiary touches that assaulted his skin. Nails were tracing red gouges along his flanks while teeth on the taut muscles of his neck made him whimper. He knew he would have hickeys the next day and couldn’t bring himself to care. Then he realized there would be scratches and possibly bruises as well and relished the thought that his skin was going to bear witness that he belonged to that man just as surely as the tattoo his alter ego sported so proudly. A strong hand on his nape pushed him forward.


He took a few hesitant steps, obeying the pressure on his neck. Another hand stopped him with a light pull on his shoulder, made him turn and pushed him back forcefully. He fell on the bed without a sound. The fiery nails were now playing across his belly, rounding his navel, coming randomly back to his chest, circling his nipples. He felt cold wet saliva and hot breath wreaking havoc in the crook of his neck, teeth nibbling his ear then biting his nipple more sharply than was really comfortable. He was moaning shamelessly, trying to stay as silent as he’d been told to be.

“I said shut up. Do I have to make you?”

Len whimpered at the threat.


His reaction wasn’t fast enough and he was manhandled into the proper position. He felt hands cup his head. A thumb caressed his lower lip then was inserted into his mouth. The thumb nudged his jaw open and then his mouth was invaded by hot hard flesh.

“Suck it hard.”

Len had never been a real fan of giving head but being dominated and used like this turned him on so much he didn’t hesitate. He started using his hands as well, gripping firmly and pumping and was rewarded by praise. He felt his partner’s cock swell and twitch and hummed appreciatively.

“This is good Lenny, you’re doing very well. You deserve something special in return. Tell me Lenny, what would you like?”

“Fuck me hard.”

He was answered by a low growl. Hands landed roughly on his shoulders and pushed until he was on all four on the bed, legs spread and ass high up.

“That’s it Link, fuck me!”

“What was that?”

“I said fuck me.”

“You dare give me orders Snart? You dare speak out of turn? I was going to reward you for the blowjob but now I’ll have to show you what happens when you disobey me.”

Snart froze, unsure he agreed to this. But the man who had so effectively taken control over him was not giving him any choice any more. He’d had his chance to walk away and hadn’t taken it. Now he had to face the consequences. The bulky man swept his legs and put his whole body on top of him. He writhed and squirmed but Leonard couldn’t break the bear hug. He dimly noticed that while he was entirely naked, his partner was still fully clothed. Suddenly this whole domination game was too much and he rebelled with all his might, to no avail. He felt ropes on his wrists and his arms were bent back over his head, depriving him of leverage, making him powerless.

He didn’t know what he expected but certainly not the mild blow that landed on his thighs. It was just shy of painful and it brought his skin alive in a way he’d never experienced before. Blows rained on him and as soon as he recovered from the shock of it, he started enjoying it. He was squirming again but instead of trying to break from his bonds, he was straining to meet the blows, eager for it.

“I think this will do for now. Have you learned something?”

“Yes.” Snart was panting and he hated to hear his own voice so wanton, so desperate for the other’s approval.

“What is it you learned Snart?”

Snart swallowed. “That I must obey and not speak unless you say so.”

“That’s right. Try and remember.”

Snart felt movement then a cold sensation had him draw a sharp breath. A generous amount of aloe gel was being applied on his burning limbs, on his buttock, between his splayed cheeks. He wasn’t given any time to think about what was happening as he felt a callused finger enter his ass. The sound he produced was something between a shameless plea and a whimper and he started shaking at the delicious sensation. Soon he was completely unable to tell how many fingers had invaded him, only aware that he just wanted more, more.., just fucking more of it.

He was trying to decide whether it was worth speaking without authorization when he was finally given what he was so desperate for. The burning hot cock slid into him in one smooth movement. There barely was a pause to let him adjust but he had asked for it to be rough and he was given exactly what he needed. His partner started pounding mercilessly at his ass and as Snart grew accustomed to the feeling, he also grew aware that he was hard and ready to come. The burning stretch was driving him crazy and the idea that it could be Mick instead of Link made his heart pound a wild rhythm. Raw breathing on his shoulders was threatening to send him over the edge but it was his master’s voice allowing him that tipped him over.

“Come for me Lenny.” growled the sultry voice in his ear.

Snart came loudly, trying to refrain from howling the name of the man he wanted so badly. He felt himself tighten around the cock pounding his ass and felt his partner come mere seconds later, filling him with hot sperm. The sudden weight on his back came with a release of the pressure on the rope. He was still tied up but his arms were no longer bent backwards. He relaxed, basking in the mellow feeling of having pleased his master and been rewarded in return. He was asleep before the older man rose and was unaware of the warm towel cleaning him as well as of the blanket that was laid onto him.

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