Counter intellingence

In the kitchen, Lincoln and Rory were in the process of emptying a bottle of tequila. Loud banter about their respective feats had drawn an audience and Sarah was enjoying the show, peppering kinky comments now and then. Ray had tried to compete but decided to keep his mouth shut after Link, when told about the atom suit, asked a blunt question about size that would have given Freud a field day.

Rip Hunter dropped in, drawn by the ruckus and quickly put everyone to work. As usual though, Rory was left with nothing else to do but prep his gun and since Lincoln had no better skills set, the two men found themselves on their own again.

“I have an idea.” said Lincoln.

“You do?” asked Rory, sounding impressed.

Link looked at him sternly.

“You know why they won’t ever do the first step right?”

“They think we would refuse.”

Lincoln nodded. Michael was extraordinarily clever, his mind a powerful thing of beauty that was capable of planning incredibly complex things as well as creating art masterpieces. Yet he was almost crippled in some ways. It all came down to his intimate belief that he was not worthy. He would never allow for the possibility that his brother would literally do anything for him, even, thought Lincoln wryly, if what was needed was to let his brother fuck his ass. Michael was unable to even fathom that not only was Link ready to do it but wanted to do it. It meant that Michael was never going to ask because being rejected by his brother would destroy him.

“What, wanna offer? It ain’t gonna work you know.”

“I know. The idiot would probably think I did it out of duty or something. But hear, what do you think they are doing now?”

Mick shrugged.

“Plan. Len is always planning some.”

“Yeah and this time I think I know what their scheme is. So what do you say we outsmart them for once?”

Mick considered for a second.

“What you got in mind?”

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